Sleek, responsive, and interactive e-commerce websites have made sure that a significant percentage of the global population is now doing its shopping online. From FMCG goods to used cars, anything and everything can be purchased from e-commerce sites around the world.

E-commerce Web Design Agency Explains The Importance Of E-commerce Websites For Businesses

Businesses have also woken up to the fact that people are spending a considerable part of their daily lives online. Hence, it makes a lot more business sense to take their stores online too – right into the customers’ devices in the form of e-commerce websites. But how to ensure that these websites capture the interest of the visitors and convince them enough to make an actual purchase? This is where the design of these business sites comes in.

What should web designers get right in their design, for persuading users from being visitors of the site to becoming customers of the company? Here is what experts of ecommerce website design, Chennai have to say about it.

Design Considerations For E-commerce Sites, From Experts Of Web Design and Development Services

Before you even get started with your design, find out what kind of products the business is selling, if it is high-end or low-end, and single product or multiple products. All these factors will help you decide on the aesthetic sensibility and the depth of your design. Another critical design consideration is the size of the sales funnel. You have to get it just right – too long, the customer will lose interest and too short, the customer is going to be unpleasantly surprised.

Five Expert Tips On ECommerce Website Designing In Chennai.

1. Keep It Simple

Nothing puts off a user more than a complicated shopping experience! Make sure that the e-commerce website is simple for the user to navigate. Ease the visitor gradually into the buying process. Uncomplicate the checkout procedure and do not insist on the user having an account to complete the transaction. If you do need an account created, then do it after the sale, or build it into the checkout process itself.

2. Go Big On Images

Product images are a crucial element of the online shopping experience. Sales are made and lost based on these images. Provide product pictures from all possible angles. Use large-sized photos or at least provide a zooming feature for the user to get a close look at the product they are buying.

3. It Is All About Details!

Along with images, provide as many details about the product as possible. Provide a compact specification chart to give the user a quick idea about the product and then a detailed description below.

4. Urge Your Customers On

At every turn, remind your customer to act on the products they are browsing. Call To Actions like “Add To Cart” and “Buy Now” help. You can create some urgency by showing how much stock is left. Make sure you include details of related products.

5. Make Sharing Easy

Provide easy share buttons to spread the word about the company’s products. These controls make it easy for the user to post the product details to their favoured social medium with just one click.

With all this useful advice in place, your e-commerce website is going to earn huge dividends for your client and do wonders to your reputation as a web designer!

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