Tread Carefully While Redesigning Your Site, Says Experts For Website Redesign Chennai!

Website redesign is not for the weak hearted! Just the sheer amount of changes to be made to a stable code base should strike fear in the hearts of even seasoned web professionals. All that for a redesign that might sometimes backfire and hurt your rating and revenue.

Redesign For The Right Reasons!

More often than not, businesses take up website redesigns for all the wrong reasons. Deciding on a redesign for improving aesthetics alone is one such suicidal move. There have been horror stories abound of websites that were doing perfectly fine opting for a redesign because their current site does not “look good” and ending up taking a hit in traffic and conversion rates. In some extreme cases, companies had to revert to their original versions making the entire revamp a costly and pointless exercise! Go for the redesign only if there are indeed areas of improvement in the website that need work on and that the changes will just have a positive impact on the website metrics. Also,if you decide to redesign, make sure that you choose a professional website design company for your works.

Look Before You Redesign

Make a thorough analysis of current analytics and traffic data of the website before you even touch a single line of code. Find out which areas of the site need an improvement in conversion results, which ones are doing good already and then find the best ways to augment them. Give due diligence to critical factors such as performance and user experience and make sure the redesigns do not have a detrimental effort on them.

Taking An Exponential Approach To Redesign Is The Best Way To Go, According To Top Website Redesign Chennai Companies

Step By Step

It is probably a better idea to do your redesign in an incremental manner rather than radically changing everything overnight. There is more control over the redesign process for one thing. Also, with this approach, you can isolate elements of the websites that need to be changed at a time and apply A/B testing on the changes before publishing it on the site. There has been a lesser incidence of website redesign failures using this method.

Test, Test, and Test Again

Often website redesigns fail because there has not been enough testing! Heat maps go only so far in helping out with predicting the effects of the redesign, good or bad. A/B testing helps in making decisions regarding factors that affect user experience the most, namely, the layout, the navigation, the background, the font size and colour, and ad placements. But you need to be very careful with the decisions you make based on the data given by these tests too. You also need to test how the redesign will look on all screens and devices.

Do Not Get Lost In The Aesthetics, Get To The Heart Of The Matter, Says Experts Of Website Redesign In Chennai!

Look Past The Surface

It is easy to get lost in colours and backgrounds while doing a redesign. Remember to look beyond all that and see how much better the content can be in improving user experience and digital revenue. Analytics will help you determine which of the current pages perform the best in conversion, find out what makes them tick and use that information to make your new content resonate with more number of users.

As experts of Website redesign in Chennai would say, it is a tricky venture to be carried out only when it is essential. These tips, however, should help in making a success out of your latest redesign project. So, do your homework, plan thoroughly and execute efficiently to get the most mileage out of your website redesign!

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