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Web Design- The Midas Touch Every Dental Website Need

A dental website is not just a website that talks about the services your clinic offers. It is also a platform that can help your patients to schedule their appointments and gather reliable information about dental health. This is exactly why you need to design a dental website that conveys your vision, values, business goals, and services, just like how 4 Squares Dentistry, the best dental clinic in Medavakkam and Gowrivakkam, has done.

Your dental website should have engaging and interesting design elements that convey necessary information and keep your visitors hooked to the page. It should cover a wide range of topics and also showcase all your services to your website visitors/potential clients. And, the most important point to remember here is that, on average, a person will decide in just 15 seconds or even lesser whether or not to use a service or buy a product. So, making them click on a link that leads to your website is not enough. You need to make them stay and take the decision to use your service or buy your product. And that can only be done with a web design that speaks and screams louder than words.

Top Design Practices Used By Leading Dental Hospital In Gowrivakkam & Medavakkam

To create a website that catches the viewer’s attention, several elements need to come together in perfect synchronization. Here are some of the essential components that can help to make your website stand out from the rest.

Eliminate Clutter, Add White Spaces

Ensure that you always choose a web design that does not look cluttered. Your website should have plenty of white space to give it a clean, uncluttered and elegant look. Make use of a subtle colour palette that is not too loud or bright. The text should be easy to read, and the font should look professional and neat. Stay away from dark backgrounds as it can only help strain the eyes.

Offer Intuitive & Simple Navigation

Your dental website should be easy to use. Users should be able to navigate freely without much confusion. Ensure that you add shortcuts to any essential information your patient or a prospective patient might be looking for. You can add a visible drop-down menu or navigation bar to neatly arrange your contents into appropriate pages.

Add A Page For Each Service

Although you know what all services you offer, your prospective patients are not aware of it. Hence, it is always better to add a page for each service you offer. Also, a properly optimized page for each service will give you an added SEO advantage. For example, in case a prospective patient searches for ” root canal in < location>,” the chance of your site getting ranked first will increase if you have a separate page for “root canal treatment.”

Use Good Quality Images

Always add good quality images or photographs to your website. They help create that most crucial first impression in the minds of your website visitors. Images can also help to improve your page’s visual layout and break up large blocks of text. Always add photos of your clinic’s interiors. It can be pictures of your waiting room, lobby, examination room, etc.

Ensure Your Website Loads Fast

Users get easily impatient if the website doesn’t load quickly. They might most probably close the window and browse something else as no one is willing to wait till a site loads. It is estimated that mobile users will leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. To speed up your website loading speed, you can:

  • Enable image compression
  • Minimize HTTP requests
  • Enable browser caching
  • Optimize images
  • Use CSS, JavaScript and HTML

Use Responsive Design

As per Google, almost all users use their mobile phones to browse websites. And, that is why your website should have a responsive design. Responsive design helps patients check your website easily, read the content quickly and share the page with their friends or family.

Prioritize Website Safety

It is estimated that, on average, around 30,000 websites are hacked on a daily basis. In case your website is unprotected or compromised, Google might blacklist your site or penalize you. It can also affect the relationship you have maintained with your customers. Hence, always ensure that your website is secured using an SSL certificate. You should also be using a premium security plug-in to protect your WordPress site from hacker bots and spammers. Some of the value-adding features of this plug-in are:

  • Adds filters and several security layers to prevent scripts, SQL injections, Brute Force Attacks, XML-RPC attacks, and more.
  • Modifies and hides common paths, plug-ins and theme paths so that the hacker bots find it difficult to identify your website. Thus it promises superior protection against hacker bot attacks.
  • Compatible with all servers, hosting services and further supports WordPress Multisites. It works well with other security and cache plug-ins.

So, how does this help you? You will:

  • Know which user took what action when logged into your website during the last 30 days.
  • Receive instant email alerts whenever there is a break-in attempt, unauthorized user activity like deleting a post or a plug-in or other security-related incidents.
  • Gain complete visibility into brute-force attacks attempted over the last 30 days. The complete details of the attacker, including username, IP, etc., will be provided. This will help you identify anyone who is trying to hack into your website repeatedly.
  • Be able to detect and defuse any security vulnerabilities that your website may be exposed to. You can also take timely actions to prevent such attacks in the future.

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Have Bios For Each Dentist

It is always a great idea to have bios for each dentist working in your dental clinic. It will help to establish the credibility of your clinic and build trust among your patients and prospective patients. When patients already know how well experienced the person who is treating them, they will be more confident about trusting the dentist and the clinic.

Use Good Quality Content

Always use good quality, well-researched and neatly presented content on your website. It will help convert website visitors into regular customers. Use catchy titles and keep the sentences short. Avoid grammatical errors or spelling mistakes, as this might make your business look unprofessional and poorly managed.

Add Explanatory Videos

It is always a good idea to add insightful videos that explain dental procedures in detail. It will help your patients understand the procedure before they visit your clinic. It will ease their worries and help them understand the process clearly. Also, having your dentist explain even simple procedures like cleaning to complex root canal surgeries helps build trust and prove their expertise in the field.

Use CTAs ( Call To Action)

The ultimate goal of any dental website is to convert the website visitors into customers. Hence, always use clear CTAs like “Call Us” or “Book An Appointment” on all pages of your website. This will prompt your website visitors to take action.

Offer Testimonials As Social Proof

Almost all people check the testimonials section of a website for social proof. A client telling that your service was good will always be more easy to trust than you yourself saying that you provide the best quality service.

Add Social Media Icons In The Footer

Social media is the heartbeat of the mass. Hence, adding social media icons on your website footer is a small step that has the potential to make a big difference. It will help your patients to find you easily on their most used social media platforms.

The Right Design Can Drive In The Right Customer

Your website design is the face of your dental clinic. It might be the first thing that your potential customer sees when they search your name on any search engine. So, ensure that you make the first impression count. Start implementing the above-mentioned web design practices and watch the positive impact it makes on your business. And, if you need expert help with the design, we are here just a call/message away.

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