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What’s In Store For Web Designing in 2022?

Web designing is evolving by the minute. Even as we write this blog, a web designer from around the globe contributes to an ocean of web designing resources. Ask veteran web designers, who will bitterly recall when they had nothing but JavaScript, HTML, or CSS to weave their magic.

Fortunately, those days are a thing of the past. Today, web design is a massively booming industry where new web designing tools, contemporary techniques and design strategies jostle for precedence with old favourites.

So, what are the new web designing tools creating headlines in the web designing world in 2022? Have all the old ones vanished, giving way to brand new, intuitive, no-code tools that enable faster and easier web designing? It’s time to find out!

Tools & Resources: What You Need For Web Designing in 2022

1. Betheme

With WordPress leading the race for Content Management systems, Betheme empowers its users with its responsive, UX-ready, pre-designed websites. Be users can choose from more than 650 pre-built websites, 600+ Be theme options, and 200 + UI elements to create websites with lightning speed.

Be theme has three potent weapons in its arsenal:

  • BeBuilder, which allows designers to access Be’s 3000+ pages, enables easy content retrieval, revision of design, and background creations per the designer’s wish.
  • BeBuilder Woo is a shop-builder that allows the customisation of product page layouts and adds attractive shopping features and product previews.
  • BeBuilder Blocks is a powerful drag and drop builder for WordPress.

2. Total- WordPress Theme

A multipurpose theme should allow you to build any page layout you want without any restrictions or limitations. This is exactly what you can do with the Total WordPress theme. Total is an SEO-friendly, complete theme packed with all features required to create a complete website. Beginners and advanced web designers can use Total to build websites with the following features:

  • More than 75 post-entry cards, more than 45 import samples and more than ninety section templates.
  • Drag- and-drop front-end page builder.
  • Built-in font manager.
  • 500+ live settings.
  • Vanilla JavaScript with filters and hooks.
  • 600+ snippets and custom addons.

3. wpDataTables

A huge amount of complex data can be created relatively quickly and easily with the wpDataTables plugin. This WordPress Table plugin creates tables and table charts from data sources like Google Excel, PHP, JSON, and XML. wpDataTables is powered by the following chart-building engines:

  • Apex charts
  • Charts.js
  • Highcharts
  • Google Charts

wpDataTables can work with data from multiple databases and in multiple formats and integrates smoothly with Elementor, Divi, and Avada.

4. Squarespace

If you are an artist, photographer, or creator looking to build your website from scratch, Squarespace is the best choice. And that’s not all. This incredible website builder is also popular amongst e-commerce traders and other businesses in the selling space. So, what does Squarespace offer for web designers?

  • More than a hundred flexible web design templates.
  • Customer account functionality for online stores.
  • Online community empowers influential brands like Mashable, CNN, CBS, and NBC.
  • Artistic vibes and flawless layouts.
  • Abandoned card recovery, inventory management, and discount codes.
  • Drag-and-drop editing and design.
  • Domain name registration.
  • Safe checkout payment tools.

In short, Squarespace is an all-in-one solution for building websites for online stores.

5. Essential Grid

Essential Grid allows you to create galleries that may have seemed impossible or too difficult. Despite numerous grid plugins in the web designing market, Essential Grid reigns supreme with more than nine million users. It is an excellent tool for creating stunning galleries that breathe new life into your websites.

With an Essential Grid license at your disposal, you can create engaging portfolios and videos and even personalise your Instagram stream.

6. Adobe XD

This vector-based UI and UX design tool allow designers to create almost anything- from smartphone apps and voice interfaces to full-fledged websites. Whether you are a solo designer or working with an entire team, Adobe XD is ideal for creating:

  • Animation
  • Design system
  • Hi-fidelity web or app design
  • Content-aware layouts
  • Responsive web designs

Like many other web design tools, Adobe XD is a paid subscription that enables design-related activities like prototyping, wireframing, responsive resizing, etc. You can also refer to the hundreds of YouTube videos showing you ways to optimise your Adobe XD subscription.

7. Amelia

Is your business plagued with a time-consuming, error-prone manual appointment system? Get your web designer to use Amelia, the fully-automated, easy-to-use plugin that automates and manages your appointments and event bookings. The Amelia WordPress Booking Plugin summarises all business-critical KPIs with neat and insightful charts and tables.

It allows businesses to:

  • Track and manage employee assignments and schedules.
  • Conduct training sessions and online meetings using Zoom and Google Meet.
  • Manage single or multiple event bookings and group appointments.
  • Fix, change, or cancel appointments online at any time.

8. Webflow

Webflow is an all-in-one, no-code, responsive web design tool that allows designers to design, build and launch sophisticated websites. The tool features a master component library of core layouts, components, and patterns that enable designers to:

  • Include interactions and animations on the website.
  • Drag-and-drop unstyled HTML elements.
  • Manage web-hosting.
  • Use sliders, background videos, and tabs.
  • Prototype and export code to launch websites from other subdomains.

9. Trafft

Like Amelia, Trafft is an appointment-scheduling software that enables businesses to manage their bookings, meetings, and appointments. Trafft is being used worldwide by customer-based businesses like salons, hospitals, sports venues, gyms, photographers, event planners, and housekeepers.

Trafft is known for its user-friendly, no-fuss implementation. Once you have it in your system, the software can be used to:

  • Send reminders and accept online payments.
  • Manage on-site and virtual meetings.
  • Enable appointments at multiple locations.
  • Customise your booking page with fonts, colours, and custom codes.
  • Send SMS or email notifications to customers.
  • Schedule and track special days.

Trafft is a top favourite because it easily integrates with services like MailChimp, SendFox, Zapier, Zoom, Google Calendar, and Google Meet.


LayerSlider is one of the most popular plugins for WordPress used for creating stunning galleries, sliders, and carousels with attention-grabbing animations and transition effects.

LayerSlider has ruled the web design market for nearly a decade. The latest updated version of this software enables designers to use the latest interactive features, animations, and graphics to revamp old and redundant websites.

LayerSlider is also known for its:

  • Popup templates
  • Modern editor interface

It can also be used to create:

  • Image galleries
  • Landing pages
  • Animated block pages
  • Popups
  • Fully-functional websites

Use the Right Tools To Design Your Website

The goal of web design isn’t just to create a beautiful website. The goal is to stun your clients or audience with engaging visuals. Using the right tools to work more efficiently, complete projects on time, and exceed your client’s expectations is vital.

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